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Varsity Tix Becomes an Official NCADA Partner

Varsity Tix, the digital leader in campus wide ticketing for high schools, announced a partnership with the North Carolina Athletic Directors Association (NCADA). This partnership will provide access to industry leading ticketing technology for hundreds of High Schools throughout North Carolina.

Varsity Tix is based in Charlotte North Carolina and equips high schools with the latest online and mobile ticketing solutions tailored to meet the demands of students, fans, and boosters. The software is easy to implement and maintain for any high school looking to provide touchless ticketing for events ranging from athletics, performing arts, dances, graduation and more.

“Varsity Tix is excited to align itself with the NCADA,” said Christie Hussey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Varsity Tix. “One of the NCADA’s core values is continuous improvement and to ‘grow and not settle for the status quo’. Varsity Tix believes our leadership in the digital ticketing space will further this value and offer a digital alternative to traditional ticketing.”

Varsity Tix offers several advantages for partners and their fans, including securing tickets via a web browser or a mobile application. Partners can create private label online branding and sell online advertising as well as conduct fundraising in the online environment. High Schools will not be required to purchase proprietary hardware to onboard Varsity Tix, there is no cost to implement the software and schools will have instant access to their funds throughout the year.

“Varsity Tix allows high schools across the state to implement touchless ticketing.” said Christie Hussey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Varsity Tix. “High schools of any size can engage supporters and generate revenue by soliciting boosters, collecting donations and conducting fundraising in the online environment.”

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